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Real People, Not Paid Actors

Real People, Not Paid Actors

Artistic Director Brian Josiah Martinez's fresh, dance-theater take on Ravel's iconic Bolero. This work is an examination, deconstruction, and abstraction of the party scene trope found in narrative ballet, including its pantomime and gesture. 



Choreography by Alysia Johnson.

While We Wait Here

While We Wait Here

Choreography by Justin Rapaport in collaboration with the dancers.

How to fill the void…to recognize and assume the opportunity…of the inevitable…there’s nothing else to do…but to sit and wait.



Choreography by Abdiel Figueroa Reyes.

This work speaks to the neverending demand for self-love and the nurturing of our most innocent nature. Inspired by Alexandra Wells, I wanted to create from a place of memory and vulnerability. She allowed the young version of ourselves to explore and deeply feel our artistry, guiding it warmly.

I created a movement monologue where Dilorenzo explores her sense of Then and Now—allowing herself patience and directing impulses with pivotal footprints for what's to come



Artistic Director Brian Martinez's Nonsense! made its premiere at Boykin ONE in 2023. This work explores the nonsensical nature of dreams through the lens of shared nostalgia incited by an aural landscape dating anywhere from the 1940's to present day.


Notes on Connection

Choreography by Meredith Sutton.


Olga's Demise: The Exam

Choreography by Noelle Kayser.

"You can have whatever you want. Everything has a price. 'Pay it,' says God."



Artistic Director Brian Martinez's moondrift explores themes of isolation and physical beauty.



Artistic Director Brian Martinez's SMART MOUTH is a brief exploration of internal, unspoken thought, highlighted by the duality of one's inward and outward expression. 

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