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Boykin Dance Project's mission is a testament to the democratization of contemporary dance art and culture. Dedicated to dismantling urban-centric barriers, the company champions the decentralization of dance from bustling metropolises to the tranquil embrace of more rural and suburban spaces. This mission extends beyond performance to encompass educational outreach, fostering a deep appreciation for contemporary dance in every corner of the nation.


Encouraging the decentralization and dissemination of contemporary dance art and culture from urban to rural spaces through high-caliber performance and educational outreach. 


At the heart of Boykin Dance Project lies a narrative woven with passion, commitment, and a profound connection to its roots. Hailing from Boykin Boulevard in a city where access to curated contemporary dance was scarce, Brian heard the call of his hometown's hunger for artistic accessibility. Motivated by this local yearning, he set out to create a transformative space for world-class art, a space not confined to major neighboring cities.


our mission

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