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Elevating and Enriching 
municipalities throughout the United States through the curation of professional, world-class dance and educational outreach, while simultaneously producing work of unparalleled artistic merit. 


Functioning as a dynamic touring pick-up company, Boykin is not confined to a single locale. Instead, it thrives on the diversity of its geographies. The company is dedicated to supporting and showcasing artistic brilliance, producing exceptional dance works, and providing rigorous training across all the communities it touches. Boykin Dance Project is not just a dance company; it is a movement, igniting a passion for contemporary dance that reverberates far beyond urban confines.

Founder and Artistic Director, Brian Josiah Martinez

As Boykin Dance Project continues to redefine the landscape of contemporary dance, it stands as a beacon of creativity, accessibility, and a testament to the transformative power of art, reaching from the heart of urbanity to the farthest corners of the nation, those without access. 

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